menuts del món

Menuts del Món is a Valencian NGO that works in defense of children’s rights, mainly in the most underdeveloped countries. The objective of the project was to present a redesign proposal for its graphic identity to unify the brand and improve its communication.

Maintaining a child’s visual style was very important; For this, a typeface that appeared to be cardboard cutouts was chosen, making reference to the world of crafts, an activity that clearly recalls childhood. The wide range of colors chosen also reinforces this concept, in addition to symbolizing the diversity of the different peoples and cultures where the organization collaborates.

For the brand symbol, the concept of clasped hands has been maintained, but in a simplified way to provide the entire ensemble with the same visual style. The symbol in turn is made up of the initials of the organization’s own name, the “M” and “D”, this helps to ensure that the symbol acts as a container element of the essence of the brand.

Along with the creation of the different versions, application proposals have been made on different supports and corporate elements to contextualize and expand the brand’s graphic identity.

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