Ophidia is a premium category brand of cognac made in the United States. In this case, the challenge consisted in creating a graphic product from a very peculiar briefing and a fairly tight timing. The project was developed as a team and was part of a workshop held in Vasava, an important design studio based in Barcelona.

For this project, we decided to create an alcoholic beverage brand as it fitted quite well with the objectives set out in the briefing. The naming, the logo, the visual ecosystem of the brand, the label and other graphic elements of the packaging and possible applications of the brand were worked on both in digital and physical format.

Being a premium brand aimed at a grown-up audience, we play with classic and elegant colors (black and white) and gold representing luxury. For the main typeface, we take the Art Deco movement and its classic and ornate style as a reference.

The naming had to include an animal, so we decided to call the brand “OPHIDIA”, the Latin name of the family to which snakes belong, one of the ten most popular animals in the United States and with a clearly mystical and spiritual symbolism. For the graphic elements we developed a pattern inspired by the scales of the snake skin and which we use as a decoration on the neck of the bottle.

Finally, we develop several applications for the brand. On the one hand, a simulation of its instagram account, and on the other hand, merchandising products designed for a context of brand presentation events or exclusive parties.