Tribu is the name chosen for the fictitious company of this graphic project that consists of the creation of a brand, including its name, logo, slogan, stationery… In short, all the visual elements related to it, as well as its corresponding corporate identity manual.

The TRIBU name represents the experience that the client can live living in a tree house just as the ancient Amazonian indigenous peoples did; in fact, the logo is formed by a schematic tree within a circle with the aim of emphasizing and giving prominence to the figure of the tree, also taking into account the values ​​of respect and defense of the environment.

For the visual elements, a minimalist style has been chosen, with gray as the corporate color and using illustrations of branches painted in watercolor, transmitting seriousness and professionalism but, at the same time, an organic and natural style, closely related to the type of company. in question.


Collaborators: David Guilmain, Clara Hevia, Guillem Picazo, Mar Sánchez-Morate