trossets de l'horta

Trossets de l’Horta is a brand of 100% natural concentrated vegetable broth. The objective of the project was to design a package that would promote the native products of the Valencian garden, as well as the entire graphic ecosystem of the brand applied to the package itself.

The chosen product was concentrated broth tablets. The idea was to adapt a traditional food to a comfortable format to bring it closer to an audience with an urban lifestyle and little knowledge of cooking. On the other hand, both the brand and the packaging should state that it is a natural and select product.

The chosen name sought to endow the product with a poetic character, representing each tablet as a piece of the garden; It also manages to reinforce the message of the natural origin of the product.

For the design of the packaging, the packaging of chocolates was taken as inspiration for two reasons: the similarity in the format and its symbolism as an exclusive product as well as the emotional relationship with the consumer. We opted for an elongated rectangular box in a case format made up of an outer and a sliding inner piece containing the broth tablets. On the front face, the descriptive name of the product is included along with a claim and a composition made from the product itself, which geometrically represents a section of the orchard. In the back part, a short text is added that again appeals to the most emotional part of the client, about a real aerial photograph of a part of the Valencian garden.